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Riya Chemicals is a revolutionary company founded in 2008, based in Jamnagar. We develop healthy foods for modern lifestyle. With changing food and work habits your body is taxed over a period of time. Riya Chemicals tries to counter this through carefully developed food choices, bringing you back to good health and restoring the vigor in your life. Riya Chemicals products are now a part of everyday-life for many, and a must for some.

Ajay Tiwari is a first-generation entrepreneur. He has over 12 years of hardcore experience in the industry.

He has Worked more than 8 years in Africa.

Ajay Tiwari always nurtured a dream to make it big. He started Riya Chemicals outsourced production of his own brands, and did his marketing along with friends as a team. Riya Chemicals was a runaway success and out of the earnings he opened his own production plant.. He did flourishing business as a contract manufacturer to major companies in India and was encouraged in his business belief.

Ajay Tiwari dream is to position the Riya Chemicals brand as a global leader in the calorie-management category. A keen listener with a penchant for ideation, Ajay Tiwari is ever open to new ideas. He loves his family, and his family is firmly behind him in his dream projects.

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